How to avoid being deceived on the Internet and not lose money?🌐

By | February 7, 2024

Now I’m going to tell you how 80% of you can lose money or have already seen something similar.

There are a lot of scammers around trying to make you rich. Everyone around you wants to make your life better and give you a helping hand. But why?

Because gullible people who don’t want to take charge of their lives are paying attention. It’s easier to believe in freebies and luck than to learn something new and gain experience. Do you agree?

I won’t explain how this happens, I’ll just briefly describe the schemes where you will lose 200% of your money

🎰 – Schemes on how to win at the casino. I often see “programmers” who have hacked casinos and know the secret of how to get more winnings. Remember, casino schemes do not exist and these people just want to make you a gambler with excitement that will bring a lot of money to the platform. This is just a “black” type of marketing.

🏧 – Individual capital increase. If you are asked to send money to someone’s account, to someone’s trading account, and some trader will earn you +500% profit, this is a fraud. You will simply give money to another person and you will be blocked. No trader will ever take other people’s money to work, only scammers do that. Even if you see video reviews, trader’s documents, and other information. Everything may look perfect, but your money will be stolen. You can only trust a trader if you do everything yourself and all your money is under your control on your account.

⚽️🏀🎾 – Sports betting and “secret” matches. Yes, it is possible to make money on sports betting. But just like with capital growth, if you are asked to send money and increase it on sports betting, it is a scammer. Almost 99% of sports betting forecasts and chats are random information. You are being sold a pacifier.

🪙 – Crypto PUMP. People sell information that some cryptocurrency will grow strongly and you can buy it before it grows. Yes, this sometimes happens, but such situations occur 3-5 times a year. 99% of such cases are fake coins that are created in 1 day and after many people have invested money, the coin is closed or the price drops by -500%.

🏘- Passive income and investment platforms. Yes, you can also make money in this business, but be very careful. 70% of platforms are fake sites. No robot, bot, artificial intelligence, or super-system will work for you and make you a profit. It doesn’t last long and most likely the site will be closed and the money will be lost.

💎I will not say that I am the most honest person in the world and my project is perfect. Yes, someone in my group lost money too. But, I never sell anything, I never take money from people, I never write first and offer different services, and I never leave a person in trouble. Everything I do is free for everyone. I give you the knowledge base and my experience and you learn from it. Nobody does it the way I do it. If a subscriber lost money because of my problem and he followed absolutely all the rules all the time + gives me all the proofs of my fault. I will return all the money to the person without any problems. But there have been only 10-15 such cases for the whole time.

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